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The Professor’s Pledge: I can give up my teaching, but I can’t give up my studentship

In the heart of Ankara, on the evening of October 20th, 2023, a grand awards ceremony was held to honor the outstanding contributions of researchers, professors, and scientists. The event was a gathering of brilliant minds, a celebration of knowledge, and a testament to the pursuit of excellence.

As the night unfolded, each awardee took the stage to share their thoughts, accomplishments, and aspirations. While every speech resonated with wisdom and inspiration, it was the address by the eldest professor that left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those in attendance.

The elderly professor, with a distinguished mane of silver hair and a twinkle in his eyes, stood before the eager audience. His years of service were etched on his face, lines that told a story of countless hours spent in the pursuit of knowledge. He spoke with a quiet confidence, the weight of his wisdom evident in every word he uttered.

“I can give up my teaching, but I can’t give up my studentship,” he declared, his voice resonating through the hall. These words seemed simple, yet they held profound meaning. The audience hung on to his every syllable, eager to grasp the essence of his message.

He went on to explain that despite his retirement from the formal role of a teacher, he continued to embrace the mantle of a perpetual student. He expressed his unwavering commitment to learning, an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and a dedication to the pursuit of enlightenment.

The professor’s life had been a testament to the idea that learning was a lifelong journey. He shared anecdotes of how he eagerly attended seminars, read voraciously, and engaged in discussions with colleagues and students. His eyes sparkled with enthusiasm as he recounted his countless adventures in the world of ideas.

His message was clear: the pursuit of knowledge should be a never-ending endeavor. Whether you were a student or a professor, a retiree or an active participant in academia, the role of a student was a sacred one. It was a commitment to remain curious, to question, and to explore the ever-expanding horizons of understanding.
The audience was deeply moved by the elderly professor’s words. They left the ceremony not only with a sense of admiration for his lifetime of service but also with a renewed dedication to their own journeys as perpetual students. The lesson was clear: no matter how accomplished one became, the path of learning was one that should never be abandoned.

As they exited the grand hall that night, attendees carried with them the profound wisdom of an elder statesman of knowledge. The message of the elderly professor resonated not only in their minds but in their hearts, reminding them that in the grand tapestry of learning, there was always room for one more thread, one more discovery, and one more step toward the boundless expanse of human understanding.

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