Safar Zafar

Beyond Material Riches: A Tale of Serenity

Once upon a time, there was a person who loved to sleep on the green ground near the ocean’s bank. It was a peaceful spot where they could relax and enjoy the soothing sounds of the waves.

One sunny day, as the person lay there, lost in a deep slumber, another person happened to pass by. This passerby was always busy, always thinking about how to make more money and get rich. When they saw the sleeping person, an idea sparked in their mind.

They woke up the sleepy individual and started giving them advice. “You should start catching fish,” they said eagerly. “If you sell them, you can earn money and become rich!”

The sleepy person, still half-asleep and a bit confused, asked, “But why do I need to catch fish?”

The advice-giver grinned and replied, “If you catch fish, you can sell them and earn a lot of money. With that money, you can buy things you’ve always wanted and live a comfortable life.”

Curiosity filled the sleepy person’s eyes as they asked, “And what will happen once I have all that money?”

The busybody’s eyes lit up with excitement. “Once you have lots of money, you can buy a big boat, travel the world, and have all the fun you desire! You will be able to enjoy life to the fullest.”

Instead of jumping with excitement like the advice-giver expected, the sleepy person smiled contentedly and said, “But I am already enjoying life.”

This puzzled the busybody, who looked around and saw nothing but the simple surroundings of the sleepy person. “How can you say that you’re enjoying life?” they asked, perplexed.

The sleepy person, with a peaceful expression, explained, “I find joy in the beauty of nature. As I lie here, I feel the soft grass beneath me, hear the gentle waves, and see the clear blue sky. This simplicity brings me happiness.”

The busybody paused and reflected on these words. They realized that true enjoyment and contentment can be found in the present moment, without the need for wealth or possessions.

Understanding the wisdom of the sleepy person’s words, the advice-giver left with a new perspective. They realized that true happiness doesn’t come from constantly chasing money and material things but from appreciating the small pleasures that life offers.

And so, the sleepy person returned to their slumber, feeling grateful for the simple joys they already possessed. As the busybody walked away, they carried with them a valuable lesson in finding happiness in the present moment.

In this tale of contentment, we learn that true enjoyment lies not in the pursuit of money and possessions but in finding happiness in the beauty of nature, appreciating the little things, and being content with what we have.

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